List of Subjects

Crop Ecology

lessons in hour (lecture + practice + home) / week =2+2+4

Credit: 6

PhD course

Zoltán Nagy


The course focuses on production processes in terrestrial agro-ecosystems. Topics include discussion of production limiting environmental factors, related transport processes (air and soil), investigation of production processes from leaf to ecosystem scale utilising concepts from the fields of terrestrial plant ecology, plant ecophysiology and micrometeorology. Emphasis will be given to aspects of water limited production considering concepts and methods employed in the field of plant water relations from leaf to field scale. Methods applied to follow/characterize phenological development and plant stress states will be introduced and demonstrated in lab and field practicals.


The course will use chapters from the textbooks in the below list:


David J. Connor, Robert S. Loomis (2011): Crop Ecology Productivity and Management in Agricultural Systems Cambridge University Press, 538 pp.

Chapin FS, Matson PA, Mooney HA (2002): Principles of terrestrial ecosystem ecology. Springer. 328 pp.

Monteith J., Unsworth M. (2007):  Principles of Environmental Physics, Third Edition, Elsevier, 418 pp.